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Super Mom Powers of Productivity Activate!

Normally it takes me 65 minutes to leave work, grab Rebecca's carseat from dad, pickup Rebecca from daycare, briefly nurse Rebecca, and get her home and into bed for her nap (she falls asleep on the way home.)

Today, I left work, exchanged a bouncy ball because it had a hole, got cash, dropped off a school form at R's Doctor's office, got lunch (at Wendy's, bad mom!), picked up & nursed Rebecca, donated a trunk full of stuff at Goodwill (& actually got a receipt), got home and put Rebecca to bed, and it only took an extra 15 minutes! That's like five annoying errands in 15 minutes! Add 5-10 to that because I didn't have to pickup Rebecca's carseat, but still, it makes me feel like most days I must be going to special effort to get as little as possible done.

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