Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Switching Daycares

I hate saying goodbye to people, I expect I would make a crappy daycare worker. Today was Rebecca's last day at Happy Days CDC, and Monday is her first at Primary Plus. I think it really doesn't much matter which place she is at, there are pluses and minuses to both of them, and in the end, I think that inertia of the plan probably made more of a difference than anything else. At Primary Plus they speak better English, but it is much more crowded. At Primary Plus they spend more time in free play and less time sitting on high chairs, but this makes it louder and more chaotic. At PP they make me supply snacks and lunch, which I want, because then Rebecca will eat good food rather than the white pasta she started eating when I caved into encouragement to let her eat their provided lunch. This is better for Rebecca, and more work for me. At Happy Days there is a definite schedule to the day, which means that nap-time is quiet, and the nap area is relatively divided from the main space for when babies need to take an extra nap, while at PP there is no scheduled nap-time and the entire room is very open and sunny and relatively loud. Hopefully Rebecca will be able to nap there, I'm a little worried about that. The drive to PP is longer for Rebecca, but the location is more central. So I don't know if moving her was the right thing to do or not. I keep waffling about it. And saying good bye to the people at Happy Days who have been taking care of her was hard. I think after three months I was finally getting to the point where I wasn't panicked at the thought of having to talk to them. :-/ At least the people at PP are easier for me to talk to.

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