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First Birthday

Rebecca's first birthday has now come and gone. Both of her grandmothers flew into town, Nenny/Jennifer/Jesse's mother, for a week since she lives in Vermont and doesn't come very often, and my mother/Nana, was here for just the weekend with my sister Mary. We did a lot, Jennifer took care of Rebecca a lot, she hasn't been to daycare for a week now, which will probably cause problems when she goes back tomorrow, but that's just the way it is.

Thursday night Jennifer got in.

Friday Jesse worked from home while Jennifer played with Rebecca. Friday night Jennifer made Rebecca a carrot cake for the next day.

Farmer's Market

Saturday morning I took Rebecca and Jennifer and picked my mom and sister up at the airport, then we all went to the farmer's market, mmm organic raspberries, and then picked up sandwiches from Le Boulanger for Rebecca's birthday picnic. Then we drove home, took stuff out of the car, put stuff in the car, and drove down to Kelly Park, the public park just outside of Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. There we found a table, spread out blankets, and had our picnic with Rebecca's 'friends' Anya and Pax. More importantly we got to hang out with Eva & Paul and Spencer & Santosh.
1st Birthday Cake

Spencer and Santosh brought a bunch of balloons, which managed to get free and float up into a redwood tree *twice*, both times they were creatively and heroically rescued. By the time we'd had lunch and cake all anyone wanted to do was lie in the sun/shade and veg. So in the end we skipped our planned trip to the zoo. Instead Jennifer and I made a date with Santosh to come back on Tuesday.

Young Model
Rebecca modeling her new coat.

Sunday we all went to the Maker Faire. My favorite part, which I had been looking forward to, was the Swap-O-Rama-Rama, a clothing re-making and recycling workshop. We brought bags of old clothes, and scavenged through what other people had brought. There were tables and sewing machines all around the outside of the room. I cut up a vest and skirt and made Rebecca a little jacket with hood. It came out pretty well. I was glad to have made something at the Maker Faire rather than just looking at stuff like I did last year. There was plenty of cool stuff to look at to though. I thought the "Make Your Own Soft Circuits" stuff by Syuzi Pakhchyan was pretty interesting, and made me want to make soft interactive toys for Rebecca. I just have to come up with a good idea... As if I don't have enough other projects to finish. :-) That night mom & Mary headed back to San Diego.

Early Monday morning, her actual birthday, I thought about how Rebecca was actually one now, and how we'd managed to keep her alive for an entire year. Go us. The rest of Monday I worked, made dinner, and with a visitor in the house, completely forgot that I was supposed to take Rebecca to her swimming lesson. Oops.

Anya & Santosh and Rebecca & Jennifer
on the Carousel.

Tuesday Jennifer and Rebecca and I made up our missed visit to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. It seemed like we did more eating than anything else. Rebecca enjoyed the small carousel and the baby miniature pony. Then we had Indian buffet for dinner. Yum yum yum.

Wednesday I worked from home and we just hung out, then Jennifer caught a really delayed flight home.

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