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Bicycles and Babies

I saw lots of recommendations to wait until your child was 12m before putting them on your bike, mainly because their heads aren't stable enough to handle all the jostling. As Rebecca approached 1yr I've been thinking about what to get so that I can start bicycling again. Rear child seat? Front child seat? Trailer?

I really like the social nature of the Bobike front mounted seats. But then there is the safety card. I've found some information saying that a trailer is safer, and a disturbing amount of ranting and calling people who put their children in child seats on bikes baby-killers. Uh, yah. Way to make a convincing argument. But while it isn't logically convincing, it is still really disturbing.

I think trailers probably are safer, but is it a meaningful number? It would be much more social and interesting to be able to take Rebecca in a front child seat. She does enough staring at the back of my head when we drive places. But then would I actually talk to her? Probably only when she pointed at things and said 'dah'. Would I even take her places in the trailer though? Would I just think, meh, lets drive, it'll be faster and safer and she doesn't get anything out of sitting in a little box for half an hour. Do I only want to ride my bike for me? I'd like her to get something out of it. And am I enough of an airhead to let my bike fall over while I'm standing next to it? That seems to be the primary cause of injury.

I hate it when people play the 'safety' card with no real statistics because it still fires off my OMG must protect baby reflex. It bothers me that my society is so safety obsessed. Really stupid stuff gets done in the name of safety. Not to mention the compounding influences of safety features causing unsafe behavior because they make you feel safe, like seat belts increasing risky driving, which then makes everyone outside the car less safe than they were before. And lets not even get into stupid airport security. Okay, this is not helping me reach a conclusion. Bleh.
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