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I am weaning Rebecca from her morning-noon feedings, so that I can stop pumping at work. The pumping itself isn't so awful, but it takes time, and I have to cary around all this paraphernalia, and I have to wash all these complicated bits and pieces. I hate washing dishes. I could theoretically wean her altogether at this point, we've passed the 'at least one year' recommendation, but this is a first step. It is much harder than I was expecting too, but only for me, Rebecca doesn't seem to care much. I expected it might be slightly uncomfortable, from engorgement, until my breasts adjust. But it isn't that, I have this need to feed Rebecca. Must feed baby. There is a hormonal (I guess) force, that feels like the compulsion of an addiction. Gah! Must feed baby. It is very strange. Like there is bowl of M&M's sitting within arms reach, and you tell yourself you aren't going to eat any, but as soon as your body gets your forebrain distracted by something shiny, your arm reaches out and puts M&Ms in your mouth. Mmm, chocolate - wait, what? Grrr. Must feed baby. If Rebecca was in the room, and I wasn't thinking about it, all of a sudden I would be nursing her. Must feed baby. It puts an entirely different light on all of the jokes, usually cultural, about mother's who are always trying to feed people. Must feed baby. I never realized before that there is a pathway in our brain hard wired to feed babies, and by extension if your pathway is slightly overeager, encourages you to feed everyone. It has been hitting me over the head with a sledge hammer for the past year though, so I'm starting to get the clue. Must feed baby. Clear and obvious evolutionary benefits. Must feed baby. Gah.


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Jul. 9th, 2007 04:48 pm (UTC)
Heh. I don't blame you for quitting pumping. I always hated it. I think I quit at about 10 months. Of course, I wasn't working then either.

See, after the one year mark, I stopped caring when Ariana nursed. At about 15 months, I only did it when she asked (she was signing then). Then she weaned herself completely at 18 months. It was kind of sudden, but I think we were both ready.

Once you go past a year, it's hard to know when the right time is.
I remember this book helping with the decision-making.
I also read this book, but it's very pro-attachment parenting, so if you're not into that, I wouldn't bother with it. It's funny how everyone assumes that if you're an extended nurser, you're also a co-sleeper and otherwise attachment parenting.
Jul. 9th, 2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
I think I am a natural attachment parent, but not because I've read much, just looking at what we do that's the bucket I'd put us in. That said, I think Dr. Sears is a nut, and don't trust what he says, at least not any more than I would trust any random unqualified stranger.

But that wasn't the point. Yah, I think what Rebecca and I are doing is working for us, although I do worry regularly about daycare, and my not 'being there enough' for her. Even when I'm physically present, I need some breaks to do my own things, and need her to play by herself. Generally I think we're doing fine, but of course I worry. I don't worry that I worry though, I think that's the appropriate thing to do. :-)
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