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No Impact Man: What if this is as good as it gets?

I was reading the No Impact Man blog this morning, and while I am not always impressed by him, he is interesting and doing something good, probably. Anyway, this quote resonates, and is something I've been working at, and failing at:

There is an idea that there is always something better to do, something better to have, somewhere better to be, someone better to be with. Solving the problem, I have sometimes allowed myself to believe, just requires buying something (and using planetary resources).

The problem is that when I get the better thing, it turns out that there is, yet again, something better to do, something better to have, somewhere better to be, someone better to be with. This is what the positive psychologists call the "hedonic treadmill" - a gerbil's merry-go-round that never gets me to the happiness I hope I might find.

Most recently I've been thinking that I need a new cell phone, because the one I have, while I can blog from the playground with it, doesn't work very well for that. But it does *work*, so why should I replace it? Why can't I just be happy with the way things are? I try to do that, and somedays I am more successful than others.

But then all progress is made by dissatisfied individuals. So if I'm always happy, then I won't make any progress, but, the point of progress is to make you happy, right? Huh.

In a similar vein, I've been trying to do less MinMaxing, being satisfied when I find a solution to a problem that is good enough, not demanding the research of every possibility which is and impossibility itself sometimes. It's hard.

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