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DARPA Autonomous Robotics Race

Is anyone going to the finish in Las Vegas? I'm contemplating it. It's a bit of a drive though. I was thinking of dragging Pam, Bob and Jesse down with me, driving down to Kings Canyon National Park the first day, about 5 hours, hanging out in the park in the afternoon, staying in a cabin in the park, leaving for Las Vegas the next morning, 5 or 6 more hours of driving probably, the race finish is between 4-7pm and there's a party 8-10 pm for CMU's Red Team (with a $35 fee and free t-shirts...). Then we'd hang out in Las Vegas Sunday morning, leave for Kings Canyon again in the afternoon, spend the night there, more exploring in the morning, and then driving the rest of the way home Monday night. But that's at least 20 hours of driving in four days. Does that constitute a vacation, or hell? We could drive straight from Las Vegas to San Jose in 8 hours... Plus there's the possibility of some of the roads in the mountains around Kings Canyon being snowed in...

The alternative is being boring, just like Jesse and I are usually, and staying home. There's certainly enough work to be done around here moving more stuff and getting our house ready to sell.

Event Signup
CMU Red Team Site

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