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Today we met Lana (Svetlana?) at Machado park after having breakfast with Jesse at Mission St. Cafe. She seemed nice, although I was feeling crazy talkative, so I'm not sure I actually know anything about her! She had a little boy, who looked a lot like Anya, but I didn't get his name. Hopefully we will see them again.

Rebecca and I played with the sand toys that my mom got us, they were several sea creature molds in addition to the shovel and seive, and we played "Mama make an octopus/whale/lobster and I will destroy it!" Rebecca did a good job of keeping our raked farm plots free of giant crustaceans. Of course the collateral crop damages were, well, complete.

I have quite a lot of work to do this week, two client briefs, for different projects, next week, neither of which I will be going to personally, so everything has to be done this week. I think it will be okay with a little extra work though.

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