Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson


Rebecca's favorite activity at the library is climbing on and off the chairs, and pushing them around. She also likes going up and down the long staircases. Reading books is a distant third. She is happy to get them out of the book box, and bring them over to be read, but we rarely make it through more than a few pages. When we do read a whole book i put it in the bag to take home. That's how we pick them out.


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    Stupid cross post test Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

  • Pen said:

    Look at my awesome tummy! It is growing! Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

  • Picking Up

    Rebecca has gotten pretty good at picking up. Penelope still needs to be told one item at a time. And sometimes I still need to start counting to 10…

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