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Nemui desu.

Ugh, I'm so sleepy, and I feel like my life is going by so quickly, and I left my chocolate at home in the pantry. Darn. And d'oh, I forgot to text my sister back. And cutting windows out of cardboard fort houses takes way longer than I was expecting. Clearly a razor blade is not the ideal tool there, maybe a reciprocating saw, yah, bring on the power tools. But not until I wake up, but I'm at work anyway. Bleh. Work. Must find motivation, which drawer did I leave it in?

Yesterday Jesse and I took Rebecca to Happy Hollow for a couple hours, that was nice. We were both tired, but it takes less energy to take care of a toddler somewhere full of interesting things. The capybara went into the water for us, Rebecca thought that was really exciting. The meerkats were out today too. And of course we went through and fed the donkey and miniature goats. (Parents, is it a smart idea to let your children into the goat pen by themselves, and then watch them shove the goats around? From behind? No, I thought not. Those are some incredibly laid back goats to be taking butt shoves without kicking. I guess they have to be, but still, stupid parents. At least come lean against the *inside* of the 30' pen.) Then we played on one of the playgrounds, rode on the merry-go-round, ate ice cream sandwiches, and ran through the little kiddie maze. Good day.

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