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Wednesday afternoon Jesse IM'd me and asked me if I wanted to go to Tokyo. So Monday Jesse, Rebecca and I are all going to Tokyo for two weeks. Short notice! I have had a tension headache for the last several days. :-/ I need to stop min-maxing and live in the moment. And not plan to do too much. Min-maxing and trying to do too much are both the bane of happiness. They are really hard to give up though, because their superficial purpose is to increase fun.

Anyway, my goal this trip is to post several pictures to flickr every day along with my trip synopsis. Last year I made sure to write in my journal every day, but I still haven't finished my scrapbook, and I never uploaded any of my pictures. They are nice and organized, but still, it would be nice if I had published them. So this time my goal is the polar opposite. We'll see if I accomplish any of it.

Take it slow, upload a couple photos every day, while Rebecca is taking her nap, or after she's gone screaming (because of extreme jet-lag) to bed. That's not too much, right? In addition to seeing more of Tokyo, while feeding and entertaining Rebecca.

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