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Tokyo Day 1

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I'm sure many people have said that the only way to get to know a city is to walk it, and I have to say that I do have a much better grasp on the relationship and size of Ueno, Tokyo University, Akihabara, and, um, the Greater Tokyo Dome area/North of the Imperial Palace, and the stuff inbetween. I think I walked about 8 miles today. Shoulda nicked Jesse's pedometer.

We started out the morning, Jesse, Rebecca, Jeff and I, walking from our hotel, the Hotel Grand Palace, to Tokyo Dome to go to the Moomin Cafe. It has a real name, but I don't know it. We got there around 7am, but they didn't open until 8am, so we trecked back down past Suidobashi station, and found CoCoCro, which had pretty good chocolate filled horns. I guess I should say the morning started out with Rebecca waking up at 3am, or was it 2am? And though we kept her in bed until 3:45 she didn't ever go back to sleep. She lay back down repeatedly, and was generally well behaved, but didn't go back to sleep.

Then we all wandered around some more, picked up some pastries from a family store, and generally killed time by wandering around until Jeff and Jesse were due at Access at 9:30am. I decided it would be fun to walk to Ueno Park from Access, which is near Suidobashi station. Then Rebecca and I wandered back up to Tokyo Dome, we got her an ambulance keychain from a capsule machine (she loves cars right now) which I think we lost sometime later today... and then she rode on the cutest ever little mini JR train car thingy. She got to push buttons and it shook and said stuff and opened and closed a set of doors, and honked its horn and stuff, and continued on to Ueno Park. We took another detour through Tokyo University, which was interesting, although most of it looked like any yellow bricked East Coast university, but more cramped, and with way more bicycles. We had an emergency diaper change in between a couple bicycles, pretending we were far enough out of the way not to embarrass ourselves, and then found the nice little park in the center of the university. Sort of a deep crenelated hole in the ground with a lake at the center. There were an unfortunate number of mosquitoes though, especially for somewhere we decided we needed a nursing. Pretty though. Then we walked past the university hospital, and out the east side that borders on Ueno Park. The park was in sight, but we decided we needed a lunch break, and we went into a tiny little family restaurant, where the lady in charge was very nice to Rebecca, who was reasonably well behaved. There was only one other person when we went in, but it rapidly filled up, including some lovely smokers. We survived and had a nice lunch though. It was stuff to put in soup, including what looked like black wrinkly boiled peanuts, and was probably some kind of bean, that Rebecca liked. The lady brought me little nori sheets, after I failed to communicate that I wanted the bill, and gestured that I should wrap up some of the rice in them to make finger food for Rebecca. I knew that Rebecca probably wouldn't eat anything wrapped in nori, and was happier eating clumps of sticky rice with her fingers, but I wrapped some up for me. :-) The fellow sitting next to us was quite friendly with Rebecca took. I heard the proprietress ask him if he had any kids, and he said two, although I didn't follow the genders and ages.

After that we walked through the lakes on the west side of Ueno Park, two of which are swamped with lotus, and stopped by the temple for quite a while for Rebecca to play with the gravel. Then we walked through the park to a playground next to the Grand Fountain, where some chick wanted her picture taken with Rebecca who was swinging, cutely by herself on a 'big girl' swing. Then we went and watched the Grand Fountain, and Rebecca chewed on the painted railing until I noticed and yelled at her, and then she went and chatted with a group of high school girls, and I asked and got their picture together. Then the science museum, where Rebecca was very impressed by the giant shark hanging from the ceiling in the ocean habitat display, which was suitably moody and under-water-ish with lots of hanging fish, and generally had a good time.

Then I saw it looked rainy outside, bought an umbrella from the gift shop, and by the time we'd walked to the south end of the park Rebecca was asleep. That was around 4:30, and she's still asleep... I decided I would just walk back, since I hate taking strollers on the subway, and a sleeping baby can't complain about my walking through Tokyo without letting her play every 15 minutes. I found the cluby/red-lighty district just south of Ueno Park, we walked through some alleyways, and then back to Chou-dori, down through Akihabara, which is a pretty boring place really, especially since they downgraded my favorite store, AsoBitCity. The doll shop we found last year was sortof fun, maybe I'll have to scrounge around in the alleys there some more, and I would like to go to the anime museum. Anyway, then we walked along the river to Suidobashi station, next to the Tokyo Dome, and called Jesse to see if he wanted to have dinner with us. He he had a meeting though, so I had a fish at a 24-hour place under the train tracks. I tried to wake Rebecca up for dinner, but all that accomplished was an embarrassing 5 minutes of wailing. Pretty good fish for 550 yen though.

Finally finished the walk back to the hotel. Took me an hour to look through half my pictures (then I decided I had to stop) and write this, I don't know how Deanna writes so much every day.

In the end we didn't get rained on, which I was grateful for, I walked an amazing amount, Rebecca didn't have any melt downs unless you count the 5 minutes I woke her up for, and I had a pretty good day. Maybe tomorrow my feet will be too sore to walk anywhere, and we'll spend the entire time in the Tokyo Dome toy play area. And that will be fun too.

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