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Tokyo Day 3 (Friday)

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Today was pretty relaxing, I don't think we were ever more than half an hours walk away from our hotel. The day started with Jesse watching Rebecca for an hour or two, giving me some baby-free time which I used to write and label pictures. Then we went to the Moomin Cafe for breakfast with Jeff. They had lots of Moomins, and lots of stuff for sale, but I didn't buy any of it. There might be something wrong with me, or maybe I just did too much shopping yesterday. After breakfast Rebecca and I wandered around La Qua and saw some shoes in windows, but everything was closed, until 10am I guess, it took me a while to figure out that that was why the elevator buttons for the upper floors weren't working.

I thought we might go to Korakuen Garden, so we wandered out that corner of La Qua, and galumphed the stroller down a very long stair case. Rebecca walked, and I galumphed the stroller, and then Rebecca headed back up, and I had to drag her down. I had North and West briefly confused, so we went a block out of our way, and then continued down that street (well, up a steepish hill) since it was a bit interesting. We passed the Bunkyo Civic Hall, and saw trees ahead, leading us to discover another playground, with swings. We swung for quite a while, said hi to a Japanese girl and her mother, and then eventually Rebecca was getting fussy and we were out of milk, so we left, continuing in the random direction that we had been heading, and looking for a convenience store. We found a liquor store, which was good enough, within a short walk, but Rebecca had already fallen asleep. Then I walked down a random little tiny street, past a temple, a daycare or school, and a handful of houses, then another random little street, heading past where I wanted to turn, but going in the more interesting direction is always more important than getting to your stated goal when your being a tourist, I think. After that we headed in pretty much the right direction for the rest of the way to Korakuen, passing quite a number of small flocks of school girls, junior high and high school I guess.

We got in the gate, and paid our 300Yen, and the nice ticket fellow was trying to explain something to me in Japanese, of which I failed to understand the important part, before he got out a little cardboard sheet with English on it for me to read. It basically said that the park wasn't a very good place to take a stroller, with lots of stone steps and bridges and rocks in the trails, and they would be happy to keep the stroller at the entrance gate for me. Unfortunately Rebecca was happily asleep in her stroller, or fortunately for me, because otherwise I never would have made it around the trail, really. So I thanked him, and I think he said something about bringing it back when she woke up, but I wasn't entirely sure. So I headed around the more concise of the two suggested paths on the map, and there were a lot of impediments, but I'm stubborn and strong enough to easily lift the stroller over a 6 inch tall rock step when it gets stuck, so we made it alright. I can't recommend it though. :-) Our cheap stroller's handling is getting so bad that I think it might handle better on rocky gravel than it does on pavement now, anyway. But the park was really nice, and I enjoyed it quite a lot with Rebecca sleeping. It really is a miracle what kind of jostling she will sleep through.

The park's lake is nice to sit by, quiet and relaxing, and punctuated every five minutes by the happy screams of the La Qua roller coaster. :-)

When we were most of the way around Rebecca woke up. We were next to a Koi begging point, and she had to stay there for quite a while, eventually figuring out it was fun to chuck handfuls of gravel at them. That was when I decided I needed to drag her away, and when I got bitten by a gazillion mosquitos by the restrooms. We headed back over to Tokyo Dome City to get something for Rebecca to eat other than milk, I really need to work harder on that, travel is awful for a good diet, and hers has reverted to mostly milk. Jesse called and said he didn't have lunch plans, and so he and Jeff met me at La Qua and we went to Mangia Mangia for lunch. I'd called Deanna earlier to figure out if we wanted to do something later, but I woke her up, so I said I'd call her back later after Rebecca's nap, and she called me during lunch, saying she'd waited for lunch because she expected me to come up. Oops. I'd been lame, and it turned out we didn't really have time to get together today, but we're going to go to Yokohama on Sunday hopefully.

Then Rebecca and I went shoe shopping, we ended up getting little slip-ons with rainbows, at HusHusH, and the cutest brimmed tammy hat ever, and little bunny ponytail holders. Not that I can really get Rebecca's hair in pigtails yet. And then we just sat around, having no idea what to do since we weren't meeting Deanna. We ended up having some icecream, then just going back to the hotel and playing. Also because I was tired.

I was supposed to figure out how to get our clothes washed, but our hotel is too fancy to have laundry facilities, they just have a laundry service, and I was panicking at the thought of calling them and asking either how much it is, or where I could find a laundromat, and eventually settled on experimenting with the No Impact Man laundry method of stomping on the clothes in the bathtub. Of course it really isn't practical, because I only have enough room to hang about one day's worth of clothes. So I know I'll have to get over it, and figure out something more reasonable. I'm sure Jesse will tease me when he gets home and sees the forest I've made of the bathroom. So I guess I'll go to bed now, before he gets home from work.

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