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Katherine Donaldson

Tokyo Day 5 (Sunday)

Rebecca actually slept until 6:15 this morning, which is the early end of her normal waking time back home. Hurray! We played in the hotel room, and got a late start out for second breakfast around 9am. Got to the Moomin Cafe around 9:30, and had a nice breakfast in front of a loud jazz band playing in La Qua. I had some time to oogle all of the Moomin character paraphernalia, I like the keychain ornaments, and they had neat cookie stamps, but I don't make cookies very often, and they had a cool cylindrical three story tower with pointy roof stacking bowl set, but I don't really need more bowls. So maybe I'll just get the little keychain dongles and I can call them holiday ornaments.

Jeff stopped by the cafe for breakfast a bit before we had to leave and meet Deanna. Rebecca almost fell asleep walking to Suidobashi station, but she didn't, and thus didn't fall asleep until noon when we got to Yokohama, since she didn't want to go to sleep on the trains. We met Deanna in Akihabara station after some failed cell phone communications, and then rode down to Yokohama on a local train.

There was a lot of wandering around, and "But what do you want to do?". We started by going up the Landmark tower which we were standing next to, and which has an observation deck on the 69th floor, which was fun, the elevator is really really fast, and your ears definitely pop. It was the beginning of Rebecca's nap though, so she slept through it fine. Also, those people really pack you onto the elevator. Both coming up and down, they stuffed at least three more people on it than I thought was possible, and going both up and down three of those people were us and our stroller. But hey, we weren't rude, we were just following orders. Crazy optimizers. Nice view.

We came down, and they dump you at the 5th floor of a nice shopping mall so you have to run the gamut of stores to leave. Oh, and Deanna found a build a bear store that she had to document, and then we did the no-what-do-you-want dance over lunch, ended up at an interesting okonomiyaki restaurant, which unfortunately wasn't a grill your own, but was still quite yummy.

Then we wandered around, with Rebecca chasing pigeons and Deanna taking pictures of the three masted Nippon-maru. We straight jacketed Rebecca into her stroller and made it down to Basha-michi "Horse Carriage Street", which was an interesting mix of old European architecture and modern glass, combined especially oddly in one building, before letting Rebecca out to slow us down again. Then we turned and walked to the baseball stadium, which was pretty crowded, there were a lot of baseball clad people going in that direction too, even if we hadn't known where we were going it would have been easy to find.

After Deanna found her gate we sat on a curb and let Rebecca play in the gravel/dirt for a couple hours. The first hour was with Deanna, and the second hour, okay, last half hour? Was with an enthusiastic woman and her boyfriend/husband, who was playing with Rebecca with a baseball, and occationally communicating with us in small amounts of Japanese and English. She said that her little sister had a baby who was Rebecca's age, and was much smaller. I'm guessing from her interactions with Rebecca, who was at least being obligingly cute and trying to kill her parents with the baseball while nicely throwing it into the other couple's hands, that she wanted a baby, but didn't have one yet.

Jesse and I discussed going to Shibuya or Harajuku, and got back on the train going in that direction. I still wasn't feeling motivated to be anywhere in particular, but when I opened the guide randomly it opened in the restaurant section, and the first thing I saw was Crayon House, an organic restaurant that claimed to be half vegetarian. So we went to Harajuku, and walked down Takeshita dori, which is tricky with a stroller on the weekend, but really not that much trickier than just walking down it. We found a store that actually sold a reasonable number of be-buckled, zippered, and chained boots and platform shoes, but looking at them made them less appealing than they had been in my imagination. I may still go back and try some on, we didn't because Rebecca was getting pretty hungry, but ended up relenting and letting her have a bottle halfway to the restaurant, and then she didn't want dinner anyway. I failed. We at least got her to eat breakfast. Getting Rebecca to eat any food other than milk is becoming really challenging. I'll try again today, I guess I need to plan better, and predict better, and maybe buy her some more crackers. We eventually made it, flowing with the crowd of cold molasses, which thinned out halfway up Omotesando. Crayon House was awesome, although it was at the less-food higher-price end of the scale. It was really kid-friendly, and there were lots of potted plants. They also have a little organic grocery shop, and a cute kids bookstore upstairs on the ground floor. The restaurant is down in the basement, but it has a basement level courtyard, which makes it really nice. Also the uncrowded back alleys along Omotesando seemed really pleasant. There were lots of interesting little boutiques which I'd never dare to go into but enjoyed looking into at night, and it was pretty quiet but not deserted. All in all, Harajuku was much different from my last trip there, when it was experiencing a double tropical storm, was practically deserted, and our umbrellas blew inside out.

After dinner it was a one-train trip from Omotesando station to Kudanshita station, which was nice. We managed to just miss one train, carrying the stroller up the escalator to have the door close in our face. Then we navigated the three elevators from the bottom platform at Kudanshita up to ground level (well, we just carried the stroller up one of the stair cases, and then took the second two elevators.) We made it back to the hotel a bit after Rebecca's bed time, and after the requisite lullabies I was too tired to get out of bed and write up the day.

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