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Tokyo Day 11 (Saturday)

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Another Saturday, so Jesse got to adventure with us today. Jesse wanted to go to Tokyu Hands and look at their woodworking tools, which turned out to be so-so, nothing we couldn't get around home, and to Asakusa to see the skeleton watches I'd seen at a used watch vendor, which also turned out to be not exciting enough to buy, although we did buy his mom a Yukata.

We had breakfast across the street at the Excelsior Cafe, and I managed to order two cibatta-egg-and-cheese-without-ham sandwhiches, one as part of a set with coffee, and one alone, and although there was some confusion I ended up with the right thing, so yay!

Then we took the subway from Kudanshita to Ikebukuro, hung out at the park for a little while since Tokyu Hands doesn't open until 10am, talked to a New Zealander while Rebecca was swinging, and then walked up and down Sunset 60 Street about five times until Rebecca finally succumbed to sleep, and we could browse Tokyu Hands without her fussing. But like I said, it wasn't that exciting, although I did pick up a set of ink stamps, which I'd been tempted to do when I was at Loft. I think Loft had a better selection, but I found a cute set for around 400Yen, and avoided the 800-2500Yen Tottoro sets.

Then we started walking over to Sunset City, only we ran into a bookstore on the way and I had to go through their craft and sewing section, I only made it through one shelf out of five before Rebecca woke up, then I quickly skimmed another two shelves before we really had to go. I ended up with five pattern books, three of girls clothing and two of felt projects, including a miniature toilet stall! Yay! Now I can build my complete felt kitchen, and have a bathroom for the other half of the food cycle.

Since Rebecca was awake Jesse and I went to Namja town for lunch, so he could see the secret elevator, but he wasn't sufficiently interested in the haunted toilet to go in. The best thing for lunch were deep fried spring-ish rolls filled with egg salad and shrimp, and we had several nice desserts upstairs in the relaxing faux European street-cafe seating around a large pastry hung tree. The one stressful bit was we'd left our stroller folded on top of the coin lockers, and it'd gotten confiscated and we had to talk to someone and fill out paperwork to get it back. Oops.

Then we went downstairs, and I bought my coat. Jesse said he wanted a coat since he'd lost his light jacket, and my newish REI one would be fine for him, it's a men's jacket anyway, so I could buy the cute one I'd seen in the store. Yay for cute coats!

Then we hustled over to Asakusa to look at the watch vendor, which was anticlimactic, and unfortunately it was too late to go to the Drum Museum by then, so we just strolled around and found a little noodle place with a ticket order machine - we kept walking buy places, and it got to the point where we just decided to go in the next restaurant that wasn't a recognizable fast-food chain. It was a friendly place, especially after the guy that was smoking left. Also, they had an english menu that had numbers that matched up to the ticket order machine which made it really easy, although we didn't really notice that until after the nice restaurant-lady had shown us the correct buttons.

Subway home, cool-down for an hour with the baby who needs more focused attention-time, and then we put her to bed.

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