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Made it Home

Well, we made it back from Japan. I'm still working on not twitching to the left when I'm walking toward someone, and the cream puffs here aren't even as good as the ones at the convenience stores in Japan. Maybe I need to find a better bakery than the Prolific Oven? Our flight was good, we had a good tail wind so our flight was actually just under 8 hours, down from over 9. Also, since it was sort of a red-eye, leaving Japan at 5pm, Rebecca fell asleep around her usual bed-time of 8-9pm and slept until we got off the plane.

They gave us a little toy plane on the plane, so we had fun flying it around, and talking about how we were flying through the air, and going home to see BobBob and PamPam and go to the swimming pool, which were the things that she missed. Every time we saw one of the pool-ish tiled fountains she would get hopeful and say poo(l)? poo(l)? I didn't let her swim in any of them though.

Bob picked us up at the airport, and dropped me off in Menlo Park where I pretended to work for a half day, I at least got through all my email. Then we all took a nap around 3-5, woke up for a bit, then went to bed around 9, pretty much our usual time.

Then the next day, even though it was fricking freezing for around here, Rebecca and I went to her outdoor but tented and heated swimming pool, which she was very happy about. Tuesday was also Anya's 1yr birthday party, which was at 8pm at a Greek restaurant that she goes to with her dad every Wednesday, and we ended up staying up really late, since Greek dinners are just that way.

Then Wednesday she survived Daycare without any problems, and again bedtime was on a normal schedule. So other than feeling really tired and headachy all the time, we're not jet-lagged at all! Heh.

Today we saw a bunch of moms and kids at our mother's group that I'm trying to get more involved in, and this afternoon we're going to go to the library, and then maybe we will go on a hike with another mom group at Shoreline. Although we might be running out of time for that since Rebecca is still napping.

Starting this weekend is pumpkins and Halloween prep and Halloween parties, maybe we'll go up to the Fremont corn maze.

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