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Fun Earthquake

Fun earthquake last night, as several of my california lj-friends have already commented on. I was putting Rebecca to bed, my thoughts were something like, guh, big earthquake, what am I supposed to do again? Door frame, not next to falling objects or exploding glass windows, right. And then I was clutching Rebecca in the bedroom doorway, and she was all, um, mom, wha? And there were the fast glittery shakes, and then the long rolling shakes, and it all lasted plenty of time to talk about with other doorway standers while it was happening.

The fire station down the road which is a reporting station puts us at 20 km from the center, with
Station Comp Max Vel (cm/s) Max Acc (%g)
HNE 6.0547 12.2862
HNN 2.8227 4.1118

Which means locally acceleration was in the 6 range, and velocity was in the 5 according to a USGS chart here

Anyway, fun. I wonder if it would have been more or less fun if it happened tonight and there were lots of costumed screaming kiddies around? Less if there were injuries of course, but more since there probably wouldn't have been anything more than bruises, and I would have thought it was an excellent halloween event at that age. Unless my parents made me come home early because of it. Maybe even still worth it. Because clearly the earthquake signaled a large ghost eruption somewhere.

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