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that house thing

Well, we got 12 offers on our house. Heh. I think we might have underpriced it a bit. Now we're doing the counter offering thing, and I feel guilty countering with a higher price, because their offer was higher than what I was asking. I feel a bit like I've said, "Hey, here, nice house, this much." and now I'm saying "Oh, well, now it's gonna take THIS MUCH!". Which, well, that is what I'm saying. Which doesn't seem quite fair, but what else do you do when you have lots of offers a good chunk of which are all more or less tied at the top end? You see who's willing to pay more. That's what you do. But I still feel guilty about it. Especially since I'm always getting emotionally involved... I like my house, it's a sweet house, and I want it to go to nice people. But realistically, it isn't a character competition and I don't think I'm willing to pay $10k for it to go to a nicer person. Even if I had some magic objective list in front of me that gave each of them a karma score that was completely trustable and honest. Maybe if it told me that this person was completely wonderful and nice, and this other person was going to pile trash in the front yard, I might be willing to go with a $5k differential. But I don't have that list. And the whole process is completely faceless. I know a lot more about the other realtors, through my realtor, than I do about the other people. Well, we'll see what happens with the counter offers. Bleh. Decisions that have to do with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and other people's future happiness suck.

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