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Rebecca self

Rebecca self navigated the big playground structure and went down the big twisty slide all by herself. And then she did it some more. Things are getting pretty exciting around here.


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Jan. 8th, 2008 01:59 pm (UTC)
Yay! Sliding is the ultimate in fun, especially when mom doesn't have to walk to the top every time anymore :)
Jan. 8th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
Yah, she's done the short playground by herself for a while, I usually don't let her go on the big playground because there are too many kids that she'll get in the way of and get knocked down, but today it was pretty empty because of all the rain storms. And I generally refuse to go down the slides with her unless we've made a game of it, those stupid spiral slides are obviously designed for people with 2ft or shorter legs!
Jan. 10th, 2008 04:47 pm (UTC)
That's one of the things I love about having Deanna. It's not only watching her learn and pick up new skills, but realizing now non-obvious some of those skills are. For some things, like rolling over or standing up, she found one way of doing it, and later moved to a different way.

I could so without the standing on the changing table when I'm trying to change a diaper.

Jan. 10th, 2008 10:51 pm (UTC)
Yah, I'm pretty firm with the changing table rules, while Jesse does more of the changing while dangling baby from one ankle because she's thrashing around or while she's standing up.
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