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Friday Adventure

Friday morning I went into work in the wind and pouring rain and observed the traditional leaks sprouting all over my building - it was originally constructed as a temporary hospital during WWII. Found the answer (probably wrong) to a stupid compiler/memory corruption problem in a really big annoying parallel threaded program that I've been helping with for someone else at work for about a month now, after a bout of incredible yet paranoid optimisim decided it was the wrong answer, but at least part of the answer maybe, then I had to go pick up Rebecca from daycare because their power transformer exploded that morning from the storm and they didn't have power. No power in the nearby intersections either annoyingly. Also Rebecca had 'spit up' that morning at home, and apparently again at daycare. We decided to drive up through the wind and rain to visit her friend Anya and play with all her toys anyway. Just before the highway exit to Anya's house Rebecca threw up all over her carseat, so I went to the nearby Ikea parking garage instead to clean her up and call to cancel with Anya. While we were there the power in the parking garage and nearby intersections went out too. So we drove back home in the pouring rain, and Rebecca again threw up all over everything just before the exit to our house. I cleaned her up again, but not as well the second time, since we were practically home anyway and I was out of clothes, this time in a rainy parking lot. Finally we made it home and spent the rest of the day throwing up on piles of airline blankets and watching Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. Whee. It could have sucked, but it felt more like an adventurous comedy of errors. Go go gadget powers of perspective. :-) Also I think Rebecca now believes that the orange mixing bowl makes her throw up since that was what kept happening when I shoved her face in it. Oh well. :-)

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