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Toddler Embroidery

I set up a 4" embroidery hoop for Rebecca when she was 16 or 17 months, we would take it out occasionally and punch through the white cloth in random locations about six times before she got bored. We dropped it after about a month, but just put together another one earlier this week, I put on a new square of cloth and she picked out three colors. Yesterday she started issuing the instructions herself for the first time, this meant remembering for herself that she has to turn the needle over before pushing it back through the cloth. Previously she has always tried to push it through dull end first, in the same orientation that it came out because that is how she is holding it. So the song goes something like, "Push it through, turn it (hoop) over, pull it out, turn it around, push it through..." Of course that gets boring after a while, and it turns into "push it through, turn it over, push it back out," with comments about how it is sharp. I suppose the next step is to draw a picture on in pencil and see if we can start tracing it with a running stitch.

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