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Counting and Painting

Today Rebecca and I were drawing squares, one two three four, and then she stopped and went off pounding dots with the crayon, and started counting on her own, one two three four five six seven eight nine ... eight... ten. She's frickin brilliant. (Just like everyone else's kids.)

I was doing a watercolor pencil drawing while she was drawing with her crayons, and then she started wanting to paint. We did a little, carefully, but none of my art supplies are particularly non-toxic, so it was a constant, no, don't touch the end of the paint brush, NO it isn't a tooth brush... So I asked her if she wanted to go out and by some paints for her, and she did, and we did, and we made it all the way home, and after eating dinner she still wanted to paint, so we did. I think that was the longest time she's maintained interest in something. I was surprised that she still wanted to buy paint by the time we made it to the store, and more surprised that she still wanted to paint by the time we got home.

Also, I don't know when she started imitating me and sitting cross legged, but it is really cute to see her sit down in front of me and pull her pudgy little toddler legs into something resembling Indian style.

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