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Friday was kind of exciting. I stayed home with Rebecca because she'd been kind of wonky sick Thursday night with a fever, although she seemed okay most of Friday. Her fever was going up Friday, still not really high, but Friday afternoon she started wheezing, and her albuterol inhaler wasn't working, so we ended up in the emergency room around 6pm. Well, we ended up in the urgent care wing of our doctors uber huge, but not actually a hospital, medical building. Way better, because the idea of going to an actual emergency room, which in my mind is always pale blue with peeling vinyl seats and patchy asbestos floor tiles, and lets not forget the imaginary dying people, makes me panic.

They saw us right away, I think they might have thought I was a bit cracked for asking how long it was going to be, and if we had time to walk down the hall and see the model train set up that Rebecca was asking for. The doctor we got was really nice and happy to answer questions. We ended up with two sets of nebulizer treatments, which didn't really help a whole lot, and then a chest x-ray, which was really sort of freaky. I got the standard lead apron, and Rebecca got to sit in a little table seat, then I had to hold her arms up while she got a plastic tube with a face cut out clamped around her. Ick. She was not pleased, but at least I got to hold her hands, and at least she was vertical. She would have freaked out about twice as much if they had made her lay down in that thing.

We got a tentative diagnosis of pneumonia, and a course of prednisolone and amoxicillin with orders to keep up the albuterol treatments too, and instructions to make an appointment with a pediatric doctor Saturday or Sunday. It was about 9pm when we dropped off the prescription at the drug store, because joy of joys their fax system was broken. So we got some chocolate icecream kisses, (yum!) and drove home since they said it would be an hour.

Saturday her fever went up to 104, so we took her in to the pediatric department, and ended up with another two albuterol+something nebulizer treatments, and Dr. K's opinion that it wasn't pneumonia, just reactive airway disorder, which is just another label for asthma. Also, she set us up with another appointment for Sunday, and told us we could play fun games interleaving ibuprofen and tylenol to keep Rebecca's fever down more consistently. Woo. So that put her on a total of FIVE separate drugs on Saturday. Yeesh.

Her fever broke Saturday night, and she seemed slightly better at the appointment on Sunday. Dr. K went over potential treatment plans, including putting her on inhaled steroids every time she started coming down with a cold, or keeping her on inhaled steroids all winter. And she had us make an appointment with our regular pediatrician to talk about trends and what was going on with Rebecca long term, since this is the fourth time we've had to put her on an inhaler and every time we go in to see a doctor it is a different one since it is always at night or on the weekend.

Monday Rebecca was still getting slightly better, I went to a meeting at work but otherwise stayed home with her. Then Tuesday morning we went to see her regular pediatrician. Dr. S said that she didn't think it had been pneumonia, and we talked about how often Rebecca needed her inhaler when she got a cold, which isn't every time, but only about four in the last year. Dr. S said she wasn't sure it was reactive airways disorder or asthma or whatever you want to call it, it might be that Rebecca just had a bad RSV virus. Although that she had needed an oral steroid treatment in November wasn't great, and it might be best if she was on an inhaled steroid in the winter. Apparently you get about the same level of steroids, or side effects or something, I have been told too many things I'm supposed to be paying attention to in doctors offices recently, anyway, one course of oral steroids is as bad for you as an entire winter/half year of inhaled steroids because they need to give you a much larger dose by the time you start having problems to get you to react faster.

We also talked about daycare, and that we had been thinking about taking her out. Dr. S said it would probably be better for Rebecca healthwise to not be in daycare, and that if we wanted something like it for socialization we should stick with straight pre-school programs that didn't have all-day programs, because parents in part time pre-school were more likely to be stay at home and able to keep their kids home when they were sick, rather than daycare parents who often don't have a lot of options. I'd been thinking about taking February off with Rebecca, and practicing being a stay at home mom anyway, so we just pulled her out of daycare that afternoon. They were pretty nice about it, and since it was at least ostensibly because Rebecca was sick and her doctor had recommended it they didn't even charge us the extra month or whatever pre-notice time they usually do. Jesse called them, I have a horrible time asking things like that, although I put him up to it.

So Rebecca is out of daycare, and if I go crazy in a month we'll have to figure something else out, like hiring a nanny or finding a much smaller in-home daycare. I'm feeling a bit stunned by the sudden change, but when everything lines up you just go with it.

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