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Tokyo ToDo

I've been thinking about getting a fisheye for my D300, it plays well with my interests in surrealism and urban decay.

This post is for me, if I get to go back to Tokyo, which I may or may not ever do.
Things I want to take better pictures of:
Closed Ginza streets at twilight
People in Harajuku and Omotesando (also go back to Crayon House for lunch/dinner)
Harajuku Jingu bridge cosplayers
Omotesando Kiddy Land and Meiji Jingu.
Go see a Baby The Stars Shine Bright store. (Kamakaze Girls is my new favorite movie EVAH. I claim GothLoli fangirl points for recognizing that BTSSB was a real fashion label.)
Nakagin Capsule hotel - near that park, Hama Rikyu Garden.
Little Green Trains (Get a Suica card this time dumbass.)
Train Stations
Finally make it to Kamakura and see the Daibutsu.
More vending machines.
Akihabara alleys at night, get a frickin tripod.
Akasaka Hie Jinja torii tunnel
Alleys in general
Asakusa at twilight
Shinjuku, intersection
Convenience stores, onigiri

Spend more time sitting still. Maybe bring a light folding stool to go along with Rebecca's stroller so I don't look like such a foreign freak sitting on the curb.

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