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Wunderlich Park

White Horse
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Rebecca and I had a great hike today at Wunderlich Park. We saw some horses, and went on a long walk with some Stroller Hike moms. I had lots of fun talking about mom stuff and it was great to get some exercise, with the asthma and rain we've been more housebound than usual. Well, I enjoyed it more than Rebecca, she demanded to get down from the backpack at the half way point and made me carry her. Maybe a good thing because I saw she'd dropped her hat at some point, and we actually found it by changing from a loop hike to a there-and-back. That was interesting, because my shoulders were killing me from the unaccustomed backpack weight, but I handled the hike back in a hip carry easily. I would have thought my arms wouldn't have lasted, but I guess they are in better shape than my backpack muscles. And neither way is good for taking pictures unfortunately, because the backpack is the wrong size, I guess, it pushes my head forward a little bit. I'll have to see if I can fix that.

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