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On the Train

On the Train
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Today we decided to take the train around instead of driving. It would have been more intelligent to decide this after updating my Caltrain go-pass at work, but that will have to wait until Monday. At least it did not pour rain on us, but it was cold, and the train we wanted to take home was canceled so we had to wait for an hour. But you never know it is going to be an hour, just some unspecified amount of time, so leaving the station to go somewhere like a coffee shop is sort of stressful, especially since it is really hard to get Rebecca to make forward progress down the street.

It reminded me of being in Japan really, having a bunch of stuff with me, trying to get Rebecca to walk down the street when all she wants to do is sit on the curb or climb around under a cafe table or jump up and down on a metal utility access hatch. And then if I try to pick her up and push the stroller one handed she wants to push the stroller, and ends up worming around so she can push both handles and ends up either dangling upside down or I let her swing down holding the stroller handles. Sometimes I can get her actually in the stroller, but mostly it ends up just carrying our stuff.

We had lunch in a Japanese restaurant even, with sushi boats. Worked out okay, except Rebecca dumped out the tail end of some miso soup on me and the floor. I felt bad about that, but the waitress didn't seem too concerned. I tipped extra well at least.

On the upside I got a lot of exercise today, walking around and dancing in our music class and yoga in our trial baby-mom yoga class. That was pretty fun, although all the other kids were tiny pre-crawlers except for one which could barely crawl. I ended up buying a three pass, but I'm not sure the instructor really wanted to deal more with Rebecca crawling under her on her mat, it was hard to tell if she was being sincere when she said it was okay. Rebecca wouldn't have kept playing with her if she hadn't been encouraging though. Right, I'm not supposed to worry about stuff like that, if people act like they are enjoying my daughter tormenting them with a clipboard then they either are, or they deserve it for being insincere, and it isn't my problem.

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