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Baby 'Work'

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Friday was pretty productive as far as Rebecca's 'work'. We did some painting, and practiced taking off and putting on clothes. She's starting to get the hang of pulling socks and pants over her heel rather than getting mad at them. She at least says 'heel' when it gets stuck, presumably because that's what I tell her... She can put on her slip on shoes sometimes, by stepping into them and shoving her heel down, and if you help her line it up she can pull a shirt on and off over her head. Also we finally managed to schedule a two way video conference with Nana's new webcam.

Today there was a lot more screen time, Rebecca wanted to see a kitty so Jesse played her a lot of youtube kitty videos, and Bob picked up Puni Puni Poemy, which was a pretty funny parody anime, and then there was Finding Nemo during the weekly laundry folding party.

I also got a bunch of code written since Jesse watched Rebecca a lot today. That was nice. I'm using OpenCV, free computer vision routines, to do some analysis on the characteristics of my D300. There seems to be something weird about the colors at high ISO, but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what it is. Selective color oversaturation maybe... I'd like to write some automated tests on a Greta Macbeth Color Checker chart. Or maybe I just needed another excuse to play with OpenCV some more.

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