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Blueberries, Flexibility, and Story Books

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Why is it that spending $2.50 on a package of blueberries seems extravagant, but spending the same on an ice cream cone, which doesn't taste as good and is way worse for you, doesn't? I suppose because the blueberries aren't 'prepared' food, you aren't paying for someone to stand there and dish them up for you, and provide you with seating and napkins. At the grocery store the ice cream is $4 for a half gallon.

Also, I think it is really neat that blueberries are pentagonal. I will continue to think this is neat once a year when I rediscover it. Really there are lots of interesting symetries in the plant kingdom, bananas have 3-fold symmetry... animals are just boring.

Today Rebecca fell asleep in the car when we were most of the way to the playground/Whole Foods, so I sighed, and turned around and went home. Then set up my sewing stuff in the garage again and cut out all the strips for my quilt borders. Then I drove back to the playground again, and she woke up when I turned off the car. Wouldn't it be nice if my life were as nicely arranged as hers? :-)

Also this evening she kept asking for more Curious George stories until I'd read 7 and a half of the things, only stopping because Dada and BobBob came home. The transition has been gradual, but I think she has now firmly transitioned from word books and short sentence picture books to light paragraphs of text per picture story books. I'm sure there will be plenty of back and forth, but now we can finally make it through "How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head." (Thanks Bryan!)

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