Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Having kind of a down day, and no one wanted to have lunch with us today, so Rebecca and I decided to be naughty and have chocolate mousse cake for lunch. Wow.

Also, we seem to have extrordinarily bad Caltrain luck. I think we have taken the train three or four days in the past couple of weeks, and at least three of those times one of our trains has been canceled or the train we were on broke down. Today was a no-show. And the California Ave station is so torn up, there was no mention. We were five minutes early, so I'm sure we didn't miss it, it just never came... sigh.

On the upside I cut out a pair of pants for Rebecca this morning and we are coloring all over the white fabric with crayons. We'll heat set them with an iron, then see how much they fade when we wash them. If they fade too much we can always tyedye them later.
Tags: craft, food, outing

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