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This weekend was way too busy. I got to see Noah though, so that was good. Other than being somewhat swollen and rather bandaged he looked great! :-) Seemed his usual chipper and voluble self. Saturday night I went to an a capella concert featuring bay area groups and Swinglish Mix with Pam, Bob and Jesse, that was good too, especially the bit before where we stopped at Hong Kong Bakery and got some steamed pork buns for dinner, Yum! Also made one of the final trips from our old house to storage. Turns out someone had disasembled most of the watering system, and half the plants were dying. I can't imagine who would have done that other than the buyer, and I wouldn't have thought they would be so careless. Confusing. So now I have to go and water that more since I'm still responsible for it. Sunday there was an event in ClanLord, I was one of the bards playing during it, and I went through my entire repertoir, clearly I need to write more music. Preferably some that doesn't suck. Also planted some water plants in our tiny pond. And finally Sunday night I got to start working on some quilt blocks. I'd been itching to do that since Pam and I went fabric shopping last Wednesday. We got a new blade for the rotary cutter too, and OW! SHARP! Oops.

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