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First Cut
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Yesterday we got Rebecca's toddler scissors in the mail - scissors that are 20deg open by default, don't open any further, and you squeeze them to close them temporarily. Small hands aren't very good at opening scissors. Anyway, they work pretty well. So we had fun cutting up a catalog.

I wanted to make a collage with her after that, but I couldn't find the white glue, so I made some. Of course, this being my house, we made organic cooked grain glue, because the flour was organic, and the sugar was organic too. I was amused anyway. I'm sure Rebecca is the only kid on the block with organic glue.

So then we made her first glue collage, with bits I'd cut out, Rebecca was just shredding paper.

Then later we gave Rebecca her first set of Duplo. Which is happily her favorite toy now. At least half because it has little people and little animals. But she likes sticking them down to the boards and cramming the blocks together. Good girl.
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