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iKitchen Sucks

And I am an irresponsible consumer. Saying I am a trusting and optimistic and absent minded consumer would be more accurate. I will try to be more careful in the future.

I ordered a hand blender from iKitchen along with some other stuff, about six months ago. They sent the other (cheaper but overpriced - I only ordered the extras from them because it is more convenient to lump purchases) things relatively promptly. And in that shipment they mentioned that the handblender was backordered - which was not what it said on their website when I ordered. That was the last I have heard from them. They never responded to any of my emails or web querys, and by the time I noticed it was already past PayPal's resolution time limit. That is the irresponsibleness on my part. I waited too long to do anything about it.

So now I guess the only thing left to do is give them bad reviews on every merchant rating site they turn up on, and try to boost the PageRank of this site saying iKitchen sucks. Which is most of the purpose of this post. So you can move along now. iKitchen.com / (www.ekitchengadgets.com) has horrible customer service and no ethics! And I will not will not order the Hello Kitty Toaster that is on sale on their front page right now. Because that would be STUPID. But I'm so tempted it is disturbing. Hello brain, I would never get the toaster. Never buy anything from iKitchen, learn from my mistake. Please.

[edit: The following business day after writing negative reviews on every consumer review site I could find listing iKitchen, iKitchen refunded my money through PayPal. I shouldn't have had to go to that length, but I did get my money back.]
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