Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

First Sushi

First Sushi
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Last night after months and months of begging at our weekly take home sushi night Rebecca finally gets to eat the fish. Salmon nigiri, cut up in little pieces. And she did eat it. Probably ate about a square inch of little bites. Which is more than she'll eat of most of the stuff I cook, but then she tends, like most toddlers, to like plain food, and there isn't any plainer than raw chunk of fish...

I think you're supposed to wait until they are two, the defining characteristic being that they are supposed to be good chewers, which Rebecca isn't really, but oh well. We've eaten here for years, so I'm not worried about the quality of their fish.

Oh, and hmm. She just started calling me Mommy instead of Mama, we'll see if that sticks. I always wondered what age the various Mom analogue transitions happened.
Tags: development, food
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