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Quilt Beginning

Quilt Beginning
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I finally got a good start on this quilt. Augh! Yes, I've started another quilt, and I haven't finished the previous! Actually, I have started TWO quilts! But the first quilt is waiting for some spray basting since I basted the top batting and bottom by hand, then turned it over and it had gotten all wrinkled and wonky on the bottom and I was very frustrated since it is practically a twin sized quilt and I never work that big... And then the second quilt is because I started this quilt but it was all wrong, I didn't have enough sky, so I was slash quilting together two colors for the sky and I realized it would look much too busy to be a background. After grumbling about wasted effort I decided to turn it into a much simpler baby quilt, but I still wanted to work on this quilt so I did.

Yesterday I did some math, created the hill template, cut out the background octagon, cut out, ironed down the edge, and basted down all the hills. I think for some reason it reminds me of playing too much Sonic and Super Mario Bro. in my slacker youth. Which was not at all the intent, but there you go. I think it is the texture on the hills...

Now I am having lots of fun making little houses. I love making little houses in any media I can get my hands on. I always have I think. Little houses! Fun! Wonky little crooked houses and round houses, and haunted houses, and castles, and futuristic houses and hobbit holes... All fun.
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