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iKitchen Sucks - Followup

The following business day after writing negative reviews on every consumer review site I could find listing iKitchen, iKitchen refunded my money through PayPal. I shouldn't have had to go to that length, but I did get my money back. It makes me feel much better about the situation, but mostly I think I've learned that the review sites that make you put in your order number and confirm that you purchased something through the company have real value to the reviewer. By communicating with the company being reviewed they give your review more value to you. Obviously at least one of those negative reviews got back to the company, and they probably refunded my money in an effort to reverse the review. I appended a note to all the reviews I could edit saying that I had gotten my money back after giving many negative reviews, but I'm not going to upgrade my opinion of their customer support from abysmal. And I think that they did get a couple of my reviews deleted. I couldn't find my review on a couple sites, and couldn't figure out how to edit it on another, but maybe I'm just being dense.

Anyway, I'm pleased that my level of vindictive effort paid off.

Also interesting, one of the review sites explicitly stated that I should be sure to use a different password than I had used at the merchant site, since they had had 'unscrupulous merchants' hacking and editing consumers accounts. Jeeze.
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