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SF or a Day on the Train

Rebecca and I went to San Francisco yesterday (Friday) for kicks, but really spent most of the day on Caltrain and Muni. Took an hour to get there on Caltrain, on the same train that BobBob took to work, so that was nice. Then we walked up Embarcadero, doing the slow baby wants to play with every post thing, we made it maybe a mile in about an hour, not even to the Ferry building, when I gave up and got on the next Muni subway/bus thing. We were going to go up to Pier 39, but the N-line goes to Ocean Beach, so we just did that instead. And it took like another hour. Oy. Rebecca took a short nap near the end, and then I woke her up walking over to the beach. We sat on the dunes and played in the sand, and chased some birds, and ate lunch. It was a bit of a Kiki adventure, riding the train and going to see the ocean. Rebecca has been asking about that recently.

Then we rode the Muni back for another hour, got milk and yogurt from Safeway, and got back on Caltrain. And wow, there were some smelly people on there! I think they were hopping freight trains, and deadended so took Caltrain. They looked about 20 years old, and there were four of them. They looked pretty interesting, and very patched and darned. Naturally they got kicked off the train as soon as we hit zone two for only having zone 1-1 tickets. I think the conductor was just waiting to go over the boundary to check tickets. Maybe she does that every day though.

Anyway we got off at Palo Alto to pick up my forgotten cell phone and play with Anya for 15 minutes, then got on the next train down and went home. Dinner, unsurprisingly, turned out to be leftovers, 'cause that much transit is exhausting. Next time I will figure out busses to get us where we actually want to go, and quicker.
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