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Hidden Villa Farm & Quilting

Suckling Lamb
Originally uploaded by Katherine Donaldson
Today we went to the farm and saw baby lambs and other random farm animals. It seems a bit strange to me how fascinating kids find farm animals. Is it because they are different? Or is it because we are always singing nursery rhymes about them? I dunno.

Also more quilting. I'm getting better at machine applique. It helped that I found some non-toxic spray sticky. I think it is basically rubber cement, that is at least what it smells like. And really how hard should it be to make spray sticky non-toxic? I oughta be able to water down some Elmer's glue and put it in a spray bottle. I think that is more likely to gum up my sewing machine though. But white glue is water soluble, which is what I'd like, so hey. Maybe I'll try that sometime. Really, it'd probably be a disaster, unless you waited an hour for it to dry... white glue cut with alcohol? Maybe that's what this is...
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