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New Camera! Woo! Finally broke down and bought a DSLR, specifically a Nikon D70, body only, we have a bunch of Nikon lenses already. A large part of the goal is to share it with my housemates so that they will stop shooting film, so I will not have to scan it anymore. I HATE FILM!!! Argh. We went to a wedding a couple of months ago, and I've spent the last several weekends scanning in film. Thus, a new camera. :D And we're all going up to Gualala for the weekend, which should present a nice opportunity to test out happy fun camera. So far I like it, although it's heavier than my old Canon Rebel 2000, which was mostly plastic admittedly. I also bought a 1GB CF card for it, ($140 at the camera store, yes I bought a camera in meat space) and I thought I would try shooting RAW NEF for a while, but I haven't found any way to get it into my catalogs that doesn't royally suck. So nix on that idea.

Oh, and there was an earthquake last night, 3:30am approximately.... it was just a small 3.4, but it was pretty close to our house, so that was fun to wake up to. :)

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