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Mysterious Female Things No One Talks About

This first one is not for the faint of stomach.

I'd heard of eating your placenta in passing, more as a joke than anything else, but now I learn that it is possibly quite good for you, if you can stomach it, and helps to prevent postpartum depression. Some people seem to think that chowing down raw is the best method, others think it is perfectly sufficient to dry the placenta (raw or steamed), grind it to a powder and put it in capsules. [I was just looking at some pictures of someone cutting up a placenta for casserole, and Rebecca demanded to see what I was laughing so hard about, when I showed her the picture of the smiling man with blood and lumps of flesh she said "That's awesome!" I think that's the first time she's said that.] If you want to know more about the serious side of it I thought this really long thread was pretty interesting: Eating your Placenta to prevent PPD...

Also Lotus Birth - the practice of not immediately severing the placental cord, but letting it naturally dry out. Apparently sometimes practiced to avoid infection from the open wound of cutting the cord in earlier history. There are other claimed and disputed bennifits. I've never even heard of this until now, and I wonder what my midwife would say about it.

And not to be missed, (if you've made it this far), an excellent article about pregnant women and sex. The section on her dawning understanding of perineal massage is definitely not to be missed. Seriously.
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