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Originally uploaded by Katherine Donaldson
We got more plain blocks this morning for more building fun. I'm tempted to get the Lego doll house, because Rebecca likes playing house, and it has lots of props, but is it better that right now she just pretends that the 2x2 blocks are the toilet? Wheels are certainly a win, but where is the line between everything is a square block and perfect plastic furniture?

Anyway, now we have the sheep peeking out of the deep dark cave with a block tree on top, a condo, a green mama-eating monster with a little boy riding on top, and a cow train. Some of this we had before. It's all fun.



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Apr. 1st, 2008 07:13 pm (UTC)
I don't think the specialized sets are worth what you pay for them, at least at this age.
My inlaws got this Dora lego set for A the last time we visited them. A got annoyed with it quickly because it didn't work the way she wanted to play with it. They eventually brought out the box of regular legos and she was much happier.
So, stick with simple, unless Rebecca makes it known that she wants something more.

At home, we're at the point that A can play with the "adult" legos, so she's just been playing with J's old collection.
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