Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

The First Barbie

It was bound to happen some day, and this way I can't be annoyed at anyone I actually know. It's all the trashlady's fault.

This week is infinite trash collection week in our neighborhood. You want to limb a tree? Throw out your 600 lbs. piano? Okay. So there are big piles of trash and construction debris outside of half the houses in our neighborhood. It makes for some convenient once a year trash picking. Learned it from mama, trash picking is good for the environment, and good for you as long as you wash off whatever you bring home. And boy are there some serious people out there. There are the scrap metal collectors who come by with big trucks, and lots of people with minivans and pickups cruising our neighborhood picking things up as they get set out. Which is annoying, while at the same time being great. I mean, what's better for the planet than reusing and reclaiming people's trash? Okay, those people could have taken it to Goodwill, but they didn't, lots of people don't even think about that.

So anyway, it was a beautiful day so I got out the bike trailer and my baby and my husband and took the family for a trash ride. I got some great old cottons (that ended up smelling and had to go through the washing machine with bleach three times, but hey they're clean now) and Rebecca scored a little baby doll carriage that's old and made out of metal and folds and is really pretty intricate. Also, a pink push scooter, two basket balls and a volleyball. She loves balls. Jesse? He got all the keys off of a piano. We would have considered rescuing the piano, but we already have a project piano in the front room.

Where does the Barbie come in? Well, there was a woman already at the pink scooter pile, who I sort of tried to ask if she'd already claimed anything else in the pile before I picked up the scooter. And Rebecca was yelling because she wanted to hold the scooter, but she'd already tried to hold the baby doll carriage, and that had been a disaster. So as I was trying to strap down the scooter, having forgotten basics like bungee cords at home (actually I had one in my pannier that I found when we got home, better and better), and the nice trashlady said she had something Rebecca could hold, and fished this Barbie doll out of her minivan. I assume it was from the trash, although there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. Trashlady really was nice, she didn't even seem to mind when I accidentally grabbed her butt to keep myself from tipping over my bike. Heh.

Rebecca loves Barbie's soft hair. I scrubbed her down and washed her hair in the sink, and then let Rebecca continue her doll bath for another half hour. It's her favorite toy for now, and I'm not mean enough to take it away just yet.
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