Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Torque Game Builder

I'm writing another game. This time I planned ahead not to finish it, just to have fun. Because if I haven't finished a game by now, given my reduced time, it isn't going to happen. I usually finish the fun part, the game play, but I never get around to the annoying stuff, saving and loading levels, high scores, preferences, registration, cleaning up level design, you know, the other 80% of the work.

So I picked up Torque Game Builder, after almost exactly a year since I last ran it, around when Noah and I had a game jam. It's come along about .4 versions I think. The Mac interface is less annoying now, thankfully, and it doesn't thrash my CPU when it's sitting and doing nothing, which is nice. But the documentation still sucks something fierce. And a lot of it doesn't seem very intuitive. Oh, and the error messages are useless. Well, at least it gives you a line number for parse errors unlike really useless languages. But the runtime errors are rather unexplained. I don't know why the language isn't more obvious, on the surface it is like a typeless C++, but I find myself needing to consult the documentation for every other line of code I write, looking up class fields and methods, which is pretty annoying. I'm sure I'll get used to it, until I drop it for another year.

On the other hand, I have been making some really really stupid mistakes too. Mostly copy and paste and then not fixing. Like forgetting to change the class name on my function definitions... Now why did that object stop working? I haven't touched it's class at all! Oh, because I just overwrote one of it's class definitions in this other file because I am a moron. So it's probably extra good that I'm coding or my coding brain would atrophy into a laughing nothing. It's a good thing I'm fundamentally brilliant or I'd never figure out some of these mistakes. :-D
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