Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Observed color based on incident light.

Rebecca put her yellow ball in the red crawl-through tube and said "put yellow ball in tube turns red! Becca wants turn red too!" And then she climbed in. Kids are such perfect experiential scientists. It's fun to play with them.

Yesterday we painted with goopy paints on the back patio, that's a form of playful experimentation too. And I realized I had it all wrong with the paints, I was trying to teach her, previously with her watercolors, to rinse her brush off and not get the colors in the pallet mixed up, but she has it right, you get the most beautiful colors if you dip your brush in three colors and then swirl them across the page. That's what's so wonderful about real media, and why you shouldn't only paint with your Wacom tablet on the computer. Sure, computers are getting better, Painter will let me load my brush with multiple colors, but it isn't the same, it certainly isn't as easy and chaotic.

Tags: comprehension, craft, play

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