Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Roses and Glasses

Our roses have really exploded this week with all the warm weather. Pretty. Also my birth amarylis is putting up its flower stalk. Wouldn't it be so hippy if we celebrated Rebecca's birthday whenever it flowered each year? I wonder how long amarylises live? We could continue with its children, but last time it was many years before they flowered. Probably sooner if I took better care of them, but still, no birthdays when you're 7-9 years old would probably seem pretty dire.

I'm pissed at myself right now because I just broke my second and last glass tea cup. I kicked it right off the front step. I love it because it has a glass strainer, because I don't like drinking boiled plastic like jesse does, and it's easier to clean than metal mesh. I don't know if I should get another one, even if I do drink five cups a tea a day out of it, because I've broken two mugs and a strainer now. I had some help breaking them, but obviously they aren't that sturdy. Or maybe I should blame the ceramic sink, which is death to glasses, and that I use them ten times as much as anything else. Hmm actually I'm not even sure who made them. They have trendglass stamped on the bottom but that's just the glass formulation, like pyrex. Ah well.

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