Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Stupid Basting

About a month ago, I guess, maybe two? I finished the top for my disappearing nine patch quilt, and actually managed to get the batting and backing, and then hand baste the top to the bottom. I was so happy hand basting it, it felt so nice, I usually just use safety pins, and I usually work on much smaller quilts. And I felt like it was the Right Thing To Do. So it was satisfying. And then I turned it over and the bottom had gotten all wrinkled. Oh. How deflating. So I rolled it up and put it in the corner to think about.

The next great idea was spray basting, which I saw recommended. I found the same kind of spray basting, but when I got it it had all kinds of nasty toxic warnings all over it, and this is a toddler quilt. I mean, really. So I left the quilt in the corner. I just couldn't work myself up to take out all the basting and do it over.

A couple weeks ago, or maybe a month, I went to the local Jo-Ann Fabrics, and found Sulky spray adhesive, which actually claims to be non-toxic. So I used it for some applique on another quilt, and now I used it to spray down this entire quilt. It worked really well! Yay!

And then I started hand quilting it... because it wasn't that hand basting it over again would have been that much work, just that depressing. Heh. I'm not planning on hand quilting the whole thing, just the center, I'm working rings out from the center... and actually my hand quilting so far is really bad and the stitches are too big. I'm getting better. Maybe someday I'll take it all out and do it over again. Hahahahahahahaha. Right.
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