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Taiko is awesome. We went to the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival yesterday, and got to see San Jose Taiko. I love big drums. I love big drums! The drummers were as much dancing as drumming, in a beautiful controlled marshal arts sort of way. Beautiful, and their rhythms were awesome. Maybe I'll have to go to some more of their concerts this summer. Oh, and they have taiko workshops for newbs! Hmm. Does anyone want to take a three hour taiko workshop with me?

Rebecca enjoyed watching the first two and a half songs, and then decided they were too loud and she wanted to go. Given her sippy cup of milk she was content to sit through the rest, she hadn't eaten much lunch, so maybe she was just hungry. Or maybe she doesn't like taiko. Foolish girl. (^_^)
Tags: music, outing

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