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New Shoes

New Shoes
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It seems really shallow to me, but one of the reasons I was sad when Jesse switched jobs, which meant we wouldn't be going back to Tokyo any time soon, was that I wouldn't be able to go to HusHusH and get Rebecca larger versions of the rainbow shoes she was wearing into the ground. But now I have a pair! You can see how faded and grungy the old ones were getting, wow. I can't say these shoes are long lasting, but Rebecca loves them, and I think they are really cute. So thanks to Leslie / etsy:alittlegoodness who imported them for me. I would have gotten every size for the next five years, but their web store was out of stock of everything except for the next size up. I'll take what I can get, and stave off our arguments about how she can't wear her favorite shoes because her toes are all crunched up for another six months hopefully... (^_^)
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