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Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade
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This morning we worked on the practical life skill of making lemonade. Rebecca picked all the low lemons and I picked some high lemons, then I got out the juicer and cut them in half and she pushed them on top of the juicer. Then she scooped in some sugar and filled it up with water and stirred it. I had to stir it a little more. Then we had the tasting, and she said, "This is really yummy!" So now we have lemonade that Rebecca made most of. She even carried the bag of lemons in. And she just turned two on Wednesday. I really agree with the Montessori philosophy that children need to be given the chance to accomplish real work, and that they get a real sense of self worth and accomplishment from being able to do meaningful things like prepare food and dress themselves. We haven't gotten the whole Montessori life down, but sometimes we manage parts of it.
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