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Good Activity Day

Yesterday Rebecca and I stayed home all day and had a good activity day. We painted (I got my five gallons of washable paint Tuesday), sorted, swept and counted red and white pompoms (Rebecca can recite 1-14ish, but she can't *count* at all, we're still working on 1-3 in a relaxed sort of way), played with LEGOs, cut up paper with scissors (she can't squeeze the toddler scissors with one hand, so we went back to learning to use regular scissors which I think will work much better for her after a little practice, they cut much more reliably too), played with LEGOs some more, read some books in there somewhere, watered the container garden (she really likes watering things), and did a lot of picking up. It's nice to have days with no real agenda, that we can take at her pace. But the 'out' things we do are good too. I'm still working on finding the right balance there. Also, I seem to have developed a real allergy to the box stores I've been in recently - Lowe's, the Container Store, and Ikea definitely, formaldehyde maybe? Whatever it is I brought a bunch of it home with me from Ikea, so the craft tables I bought have been sitting outside. I was going to use them outside anyway, but now I'm not sure I can ever buy another cheap bookcase. At least not a new one. Which is fine, really. But I think I might also be allergic to some catalogs now too, which I checked, and paper can also be treated with formaldehyde... oy. Maybe the air around here really is bad for you, I feel like I've been becoming allergic to everything recently.
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