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Rebecca Can Crack Eggs

Rebecca has been doing really well in the kitchen recently. Friday she helped me make cake, late birthday cake for Jesse & Rebecca, and un-birthday cake for Pam, who's been celebrating her six month un-birthday rather than her December 13th actual birthday. Rebecca wanted to crack the eggs, she has before, which is fine when they are hard boiled, but I decided to let her try this time. What's a smashed egg or two? Well, the first one was completely smashed all over the counter, she 'cracked' it before I could give her any kind of primer. But then the next four she did step by step by herself, with me only verbally and gesturally micromanaging, cracking them gently, then prying the crack open with her thumbs and shaking the egg into the bowl. Not the most elegant operation, but she only got one tiny piece of shell in the bowl. Woot! Soon she's gonna be making me breakfast in bed. Okay, not. ^_~ At the other end of the spectrum, she's really leery of the stand mixer, I think because of the Curious George story where Curious George tries to make frosting with the stand mixer and ends up spraying mix all over the kitchen because the mixer goes faster and faster and he can't stop it. She likes turning it on, and adjusting the speed, then when it's going really fast she doesn't want anything to do with it.
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